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Breastfeeding Your Baby: Mothers' Milk, Babies' Choice

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Help with Breastfeeding

If are having trouble or have questions many answers may be found in the pamphlet we created called Breastfeeding Your Baby: Mothers’ Milk, Babies’ Choice.

For additional support and information, contact:

Breastfeeding Centre

Located in the West Winds Primary Health Center at 3311 Fairlight Drive, Saskatoon. It is staffed by International Board Certified Lactation Consultants. If you would like to book an appointment or have questions about breastfeeding, please call (306) 655-4806.

Breastfeeding Café

Drop-in support group for breastfeeding women every Thursday morning from 10:00 until 11:30 am at West Winds Primary Health Centre, 3311 Fairlight Drive.

The group is a relaxed, informal place to meet other breastfeeding women and participate in a discussion facilitated by a Lactation Consultant.

For further information please contact Breastfeeding Centre, (306) 655-4806.

Public Health Nurse

For information about Child Health Clinic locations and contact info go to

The Saskatoon Health Region has several pages of information for specific issues that can be found on the page:

La Leche League Canada

Saskatoon: An internationally recognized organization dedicated to providing mother to mother breastfeeding support. To contact a leader or find a meeting near you call (306) 655-4805 or go to


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