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Window Decal - Breastfeeding Welcome Here


Breastfeeding Protection Pledge

  • Saskatoon Breastfeeding Matters, Population and Public Health and businesses in Saskatoon are working together to ensure that breastfeeding women feel safe and welcome to breastfeed anywhere, any time, and in any way. We are asking businesses to sign a pledge committing to educate staff about breastfeeding right, display a window decal near the entrance and to respond to any patron complaints without disturbing the breastfeeding mother.
  • The Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission protects a mother’s right to breastfeed undisturbed. When mothers are asked to stop breastfeeding, move, cover up or leave, it creates feelings of stress and anxiety that negatively impact the nursing relationship, the mother’s confidence and the entire family’s perception of the business that they felt unwelcome breastfeeding at.
  • There are many breastfeeding friendly spaces in the city where breastfeeding is welcomed, but it is left up to the mother to protect herself from negative comments or disapproving glances when they occur.
  • The international breastfeeding logo lets people know that breastfeeding is both welcomed and protected in this space. This logo tells the mothers that they will not be asked to stop feeding, move, leave or cover up while nursing her child.   A restaurant, that has this logo on the door will have signed the Breastfeeding Protection Pledge, and will ensure they have trained managers and staff to reinforce the mother’s right to breastfeed and to offer to move any person who is feeling uncomfortable to a different seat. 
  • Saskatoon Breastfeeding Matters is looking to add new restaurants and businesses to the list of participating locations. Contact us to receive the pledge package, which includes a pledge, a poster to support staff education, window decals and a sample of our Passport to Breastfeeding booklet.

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