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Why we need one

Tara’s Story: My son was born 3 weeks early by emergency C-section due to my high blood pressure. After his birth I had full intentions of breastfeeding him for as long as possible, as I knew that it was the healthiest option for him. After a few days of trying we realized that he wasn't getting any milk and I was encouraged to finger feed him via a tube with formula until my milk came in. We proceeded to keep breastfeeding and finger feeding for 2 weeks after his birth. At this point my doctor put me on the drug Domperidone in order to help bring in my milk, however it didn't work for me and I had no choice but to turn to bottle-feeding with formula. If Saskatoon had a Breast Milk Bank I would have had the opportunity to give my son breast milk and do the best thing for his health. I would love to see a Breast Milk Bank in Saskatoon so that mothers who can't breast feed, for whatever reason, would have access to breast milk for their babies.

>> Mothers want to breastfeed their babies.

>> Saskatchewan moms have lots of milk to donate!

>> Breastmilk saves lives, and helps prevent disease.


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