Exciting Partnerships

I am so proud of how these postcards turned out! I am also proud and impressed by the support we are getting from our health region for this project. We have been partnering with Public Health throughout the development of the Breastfeeding Protection Pledge. As of the beginning of February, Public Health Inspectors in and around Saskatoon will be handing out these postcards on each of their restaurant visits.

We are very hopeful that this partnership will help our Breastfeeding Protection Pledge grow; spreading the word and encouraging more businesses to sign up. I addition to promoting our own program, we hope that the information included on these cards will help to educate owners and workers in the service industry.

We hope that even if businesses are not interested in becoming champions for the cause, they may be influenced by this card and respond more appropriately should any conflict arise in the future. We hope to spread an understanding that breastfeeding in public is not simply a matter of opinion and comfort levels, but a legally protected Human Right.

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  1. saskatoonbfm says:

    Ahh. WordPress really doesn’t want to post a clear image of this postcard, you can see it better on our facebook page :)

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