Welcome to the new Blog for Saskatoon Breastfeeding Matters! It is an exciting time to be involved in breastfeeding education, promotion, and support in our city and province. There are so many new things happening, I want to tell you about it all at once!

For now I’ll just let you know that we have been partnering with other groups to create a more breastfeeding friendly city. We are focusing a major project on engaging restaurants to truly support breastfeeding mothers.

There have also been huge leaps this year towards Human Milk Banking in Saskatchewan. It has been fascinating to witness the increased interest and support for this long standing passion of our group.

We are also gearing up for our annual International Women’s Day Celebration which will take place in March at Station 20 West.

Stay tuned for the full story on these and other topics. I hope this will become a page where we can share our stories and experiences. This will also be a place where we can keep you up to date on what’s new and where we can hear from you! ~Lauren

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