Now Easier to Win!

Screenshot (18)We are so excited to give away a gift certificate for one of our champion businesses! We have heard from some moms, though, that found it hard to take pictures while out with baby, or who forget to enter while they are out. We hear you and want to make it even easier to join in the fun, so we’ve changed the rules a little!

Now you can enter the contest by snapping a picture of yourself at any of our 21 participating businesses or by writing a status about where you went! So even if you forget when you’re out, you can still enter from home! Share your photo or status to twitter, Instagram or on our facebook page. It’s great if you tag the business as well, but the important part is to use #protectbreastfeedingyxe so we can keep track of entries.

For full contest rules and details check out Passport to Breastfeeding Contest

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5 Responses to Now Easier to Win!

  1. Heather says:

    We went to the library (Rusty McDonald) last week. It was wonderful to see some moms breastfeeding their babies!

  2. Gerelt says:

    We were at city perks viting with a friend.

  3. saskatoonbfm says:

    Please encourage any moms you know to enter using #protectbreastfeedingyxe
    I really want to give away these prizes but we’re having a hard time spreading the word!

  4. Debbie K says:

    I breasted all of my children and really appreciated the safe places for me to feed my wee ones. We have gone to the Childrens Museum on several occasions. I enjoy the atmosphere and accepting place for moms. It’s a great place for mommies to feed while older children play

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