Passport to Breastfeeding Contest

Passport to Breastfeeding Contest Official Rules

The sponsor of this Contest is Saskatoon Breastfeeding Matters (“BFM”). 

No purchase necessary.

  • How to Participate
  • Prize
  • General Rules
  • Participating Businesses
1.1 Eligibility: The Passport to Breastfeeding Contest (the “Contest”) is open to all resident mothers of Saskatchewan, who have reached the age of majority at the time of entry except current members of BFM and the immediate family of these members or any person with whom they are domiciled (“Participants”). Sponsor has the right to verify the eligibility of each entrant.
1.2 Contest Period: The Contest begins on May 7, 2015 and runs until February 29, 2016. Each Contest Period will cover 1 calendar month (with the exception of the 1st Contest Period):•         Contest Period 1 — on 12:00 pm, Central Standard Time, May 7, 2015 through 11:59 pm. Central Standard Time, May 31, 2015;•         Contest Period 2 – on 12:00 am, Central Standard Time, June 1, 2015 through 11:59 pm, Central Standard Time, June 30, 2015.•         Contest Period 3 – on 12:00 pm, Central Standard Time, July 1, 2015 through 11:59 pm. Central Standard Time, July 31, 2015;•         Contest Period 4 — on 12:00 pm, Central Standard Time, August 1, 2015 through 11:59 pm. Central Standard Time, August 31, 2015;•         Contest Period 5 — on 12:00 pm, Central Standard Time, September 1, 2015 through 11:59 pm. Central Standard Time, September 30, 2015;

•         Contest Period 6 — on 12:00 pm, Central Standard Time, October 1, 2015 through 11:59 pm. Central Standard Time, October 31, 2015;

•         Contest Period 7 — on 12:00 pm, Central Standard Time, November 1, 2015 through 11:59 pm. Central Standard Time, November 30, 2015;

•         Contest Period 8 — on 12:00 pm, Central Standard Time, December 1, 2015 through 11:59 pm. Central Standard Time, December 31, 2015;

•         Contest Period 9 — on 12:00 pm, Central Standard Time, January 1, 2016 through 11:59 pm. Central Standard Time, January 31, 2016;

•         Contest Period 10 — on 12:00 pm, Central Standard Time, February 1, 2016 through 11:59 pm. Central Standard Time, February 29, 2016

  •  Contest Period 11- on 12:00 pm, Central Standard Time, March 1, 2016 through 11:59 pm. Central Standard Time, March 31, 2016
1.3 Contest Entry: Participants must take a photo of themselves with their baby at one of the participating businesses (see 4) and post it to Instagram, Twitter, or the BFM Facebook Page with the hashtag #protectbreastfeedingyxe. The photo must also identify the business (for example, a menu, branded material, or sign in the background). Upon submission of the photo, eligible Participants will be entered into the Contest for one (1) chance to win (i.e. one entry) the Prize. OR post a status update to twitter, Instagram or the facebook page for Saskatoon Breastfeeding Matters telling us about the participating business you visited, tag the business and use #protectbreastfeedingyxe.
1.4 Contest Entry Restrictions: Participants are restricted to one (1) entry per person, per participating business, per day. Any excess entries will be invalid for purposes of the Contest.  A list of participating businesses is available below (see 4).
1.5 Awarding of Prize: The Prize will be awarded to the Participant who has complied with these Rules and can be reached within seven (7) days of the draw for the applicable Contest Period.
2.1 Prize: The Contest is divided in ten (10) Contest periods as indicated above. There will be one (1) prize awarded for each Contest period during the Contest as set out in section 1.2. Each prize consists of a gift card valued at $25.00 from one of the original 10 participating businesses in the Passport to Breastfeeding (“Prize”). There will be a random draw for each Contest Period (See section 2.3). Each Prize must be accepted as awarded. No cash alternatives, substitution or transfers of the Prize will be allowed. Each Prize will be forwarded to the winner within two (2) to four (4) weeks from the date of their acknowledgement of winning the Contest.
2.2 Odds: The odds of being randomly selected to win a Prize depend on the total number of eligible entries received during each applicable Contest Period.
2.3 Prize Contest: The Prizes (ten in total) will be awarded by random computer generated draws (one draw per Contest Period, ten in total) from all eligible Contest entries received during the applicable Contest Period. Each draw to be held the second week of the following month.
2.4 Notification of Selection: The selected Participants will be contacted via social media (using the contact information provided by Participant at time of entering the Contest) at least three (3) times within the seven (7) days after the Contest. If the selected Participant cannot be contacted in that time, another Participants will be randomly selected and the initial selected Participant will be disqualified and will have no recourse towards BFM or anyone involved in the Contest. No substitution for, or transfer of the Prize, will be allowed. If the selected Participant declines the Prize, another Participant will be randomly selected and the initial selected Participant will be disqualified and will have no recourse towards BFM or anyone involved in the Contest.


3.1 Each Prize claim is subject to verification by BFM and/or its designated representatives. Entries made under multiple identities, or through the use of any device or artifice to enter multiple times or entries that are in excess of the permitted number of entries during the Contest period are automatically void. All Contest entries obtained through unauthorized sources or which are incomplete, illegible, mutilated, altered, reproduced, forged, irregular or fraudulent in any way or otherwise not in compliance with these Rules are automatically void. BFM will be the sole and final reference source in validating a Prize claim.
3.2 By participating, each Participant and selected winner agrees: (a) to be bound by these Rules and the decisions of BFM, (b) to release and hold harmless BFM, its affiliates, subsidiaries, and independent contractors, and their respective directors, officers, employees, agents and representatives including advertising and promotion agencies, from any and all liability for claims/damages including, but not limited to, claims/damages for personal injury, for property damage with respect to acceptance, possession or use or misuse of the Prize or participation in the Contest; (c) to permit BFM to use his/her name, address, city, province, of residence, photograph, video, or any likeness for advertising or publicity purposes without any additional compensation or authorization.
3.3 This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Any questions, comments or complaints regarding the promotion will be directed to Sponsor.
3.4 The decisions of BFM in relation to this Contest will be final and binding on all entrants.
3.5 BFM shall not be responsible for incorrect or inaccurate transcription or registration of Contest entry information, technical malfunctions, lost/delayed data transmission, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, faulty, incomplete, incomprehensible, or erased computer or network transmissions, line failures of any telephone network, failure of computer equipment or mobile device, software, inability to access any online service or web site, inability to post the photo, or any other error or malfunction, or any injury or damage to entrant’s or any other person’s computer or mobile device related to or resulting from participation or downloading any materials in this Contest, or for illegible or misdirected entries.
3.6 BFM reserves the right to cancel, terminate, or suspend this Contest, at its sole discretion, in the event of a technical failure, computer virus or bug, unauthorized human intervention, fraud or any other occurrence or cause beyond its control that corrupts or adversely affects the administration, security, fairness or normal operation of the Contest.
3.7 If a selected entrant is awarded the Prize due to a system error, malfunction or defect the Prize will be returned to the Prize pool, to be re-awarded.
3.8 Under no circumstances will BFM, its affiliates, subsidiaries, and independent contractors, and their respective directors, officers, employees, and agents, including advertising and promotion agencies be required to award more Prizes than what is indicated in these Rules or award the Prizes other than in accordance with these Rules.
3.9 No purchase is necessary.  See 1.3
3.10 The Contest is subject to all Federal, Provincial and local laws, as well as the rules adopted in view of said laws. The personal information provided to enter the Contest will be used only to administer the Contest, and for no other reason.

4.                 Participating Businesses

                              The following list of participating businesses will be updated weekly as                                     more businesses sign the Breastfeeding Protection Pledge. Updates will be                               made each Friday. Photo entries may be taken at any of these locations.

 *Original ten participating businesses; prize will be a gift certificate from one of these ten businesses

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“You can’t do that in here!”

Those words can rattle even the most confident mother while she’s trying to take care of her child. Breastfeeding in public, especially in restaurants, is a hot topic right now. With several recent marthacases being featured in the media, everyone seems to have an opinion. At Saskatoon Breastfeeding Matters, we’re no strangers to the issue. For too many years we have heard the stories. Stories of mothers fighting for their rights, of mothers feeling shamed, of mothers not going out due to fear of judgement, of mothers not breastfeeding as long as they’d have liked because it was too hard to stay home. These stories of women being told when, where and how to breastfeed have inspired us to create some positive stories! We want to help restaurants understand the issue and support them through some simple steps to become breastfeeding friendly. Saskatoon Breastfeeding Matters, along with Population and Public Health, is about to roll out a big campaign to promote and protect breastfeeding in public!

In early May we plan to officially launch our Breastfeeding Friendly Business Initiative. We have already held focus groups to get feedback from restaurant owners/ managers/ staff. We have also developed new resources for restaurants to use to help educate their staff about the rights of breastfeeding mothers and how to respond to complaints.

I am often passionate about the work we do as a group, but it can sometimes feel like we are pushing against a system and culture that isn’t really interested. One of the exciting things about this project is how much interest we are getting. I keep getting messages form mothers wanting to know where they can nurse comfortably, or from businesses wanting to know how they can identify as breastfeeding friendly, or wanting information about breastfeeding rights. It’s like we can’t work fast enough to meet the needs and interests of our community! So take this as a promise that we are working on it and there is so much positive energy in our city right now.

As we roll out our program we are going to be creating an ever growing list of businesses who have signed a pledge to truly protect nursing mothers and children. These businesses will also be displaying the international Breastfeeding symbol on the windows to help you know they are a welcoming and safe place for to enjoy you visit. I can’t wait to see this all roll out!


Want to be part of this exciting campaign? Tell me your stories about breastfeeding in public! Send me your pictures! We are going to create a wave of support through our communities!

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I want a third option!

It was about 4 months into my maternity leave when I thought, “OK, I think I’m ready to help out a few hours a month to help get a milk bank back in Saskatchewan”. First off, I completely underestimated the time I would be involved ( it is not 4 hours a month – let me tell you!), but I also underestimated the passion and purpose I would feel when doing this work.

Too many people I know have felt unbelievably guilty for giving their babies formula – not because it wasn’t necessary, or the best choice at the time, or offered with the utmost love – but because they just wanted to give their baby the *best*, which, we always hear is breastmilk. But, when situations demand it – like a premature baby, or a well baby who just isn’t feeding well after coming home from the hospital, or a baby who isn’t gaining well and mom doesn’t feel she has the choice – the most readily available option is formula. That’s it: a dichotomous choice: breastmilk or formula.

I want a third option.               T & N

For any mom and babe who needs it.

Whenever they need it.

In the amount they need it.

And, it needs to be safe.

It is pasteurized donor human milk.


How can we have that third option? A Donor Human Milk Bank. A milk bank would collect, process, and provide donor human milk to moms and babes who need it. Just like donating blood to a blood bank – lactating women would donate their milk (after undergoing standard screening). Their milk would be pooled, pasteurized, tested using international standards, and then stored and distributed to those who need it.

Imagine: you just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, but there was something wrong – in the post-birth haze you couldn’t quite catch the details –but you knew your babe was headed down to the NICU. When you got there, you talked with a nurse about feeding and she said that they would do everything they could to help you breastfeed, but because your baby needs to eat until that time, there is pasteurized donor human milk that you can feed baby until your milk comes in and breastfeeding can be established. The donor milk your babe receives is even from a pool of mothers who donated when their babies were 0-2 months old, which means, it will match your babies needs even better than milk for older babies or toddlers.

It may take more than 4 hrs a month, but that’s a reality I want to help build.

(Check out our facebook page: Milk Bank in Saskatchewan for ongoing updates for this work)



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Welcome to the new Blog for Saskatoon Breastfeeding Matters! It is an exciting time to be involved in breastfeeding education, promotion, and support in our city and province. There are so many new things happening, I want to tell you about it all at once!

For now I’ll just let you know that we have been partnering with other groups to create a more breastfeeding friendly city. We are focusing a major project on engaging restaurants to truly support breastfeeding mothers.

There have also been huge leaps this year towards Human Milk Banking in Saskatchewan. It has been fascinating to witness the increased interest and support for this long standing passion of our group.

We are also gearing up for our annual International Women’s Day Celebration which will take place in March at Station 20 West.

Stay tuned for the full story on these and other topics. I hope this will become a page where we can share our stories and experiences. This will also be a place where we can keep you up to date on what’s new and where we can hear from you! ~Lauren

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